Friday, March 22, 2019
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The Ten: Biblical characters with a famous sibling

Chances are, you might not have heard of biblical characters Lahmi, Raddai or Archelaus. But you've definitely heard of their famous sibling.

Record readers: Top 10 features in 2018

What you've been waiting for! A list of the top 10 Adventist Record features from 2018.

The Ten: Facts you probably didn’t know about your favourite Christmas...

One song halted a war, another marked the first broadcast of the human voice.

The Ten: Bible verses that inspired hymns & worship songs

The Word of God—the ultimate source of music and lyrics.

The Ten: Most popular Bible verses by country

Philippians 4:13? Joshua 1:9? Ephesians 4:29? Find out the go-to Bible verse for your country.

The Ten: Bible verses to bring hope when you’re sad or...

When life brings you to your knees, stand on the promises of God.

The Ten: Best Christian pick-up lines

A Valentine's Day special edition of The Ten.

The Ten: Biblical places that still exist today

You know of Egypt. What about Malta and Ephesus? These are just a few of the biblical places that you can still visit today.

The Ten: Best Bible verses for the new year

A new year brings change. Yet though "the grass withers and the flowers fall . . . the word of our God endures forever."

The Ten: Foodie facts in the Bible

Is honey "to die for"? Saul seemed to think so, since he almost killed his son Jonathan for eating it.
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