Category: Culture

Book Review: 1922

As the story of a changing church in a changing world, 1922 resists simple answers, but identifies significant questions we are yet to fully confront.

Signs book reaches larger Christian world

Five years after its publication by Signs Publishing, Following Jesus by Dr Peter Roennfeldt is being published for a larger audience by NavPress, a Christian publisher based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

What in the Word: Create

Moses chose the word create to describe how God made the world in Genesis 1:1, rendered bara (pronounced ba-RAH)1 in Hebrew. The verb occurs about 50 times in the Old Testament.

Book Review: Living Kingdom

Living Kingdom would be an excellent resource for small groups and Bible studies, as well as for personal or family devotional time.

Rich Aguilera talks about teaching kids

Rich Aguilera is an experienced children’s ministries leader, presenter and writer, including several books, a regular column in Guide magazine as “The Mud Guy,” and a movie for kids about stewardship, which he directed. He spoke recently about his new books and projects.

Imagine undoing racism

In the theology of race, there is much work yet to be done and it begins with better theology.