The Ten: Fresh starts in the Bible

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With the hope of a new year, what better time than now to reflect on those in the Bible who experienced a new beginning or a fresh start in their lives?

Noah after the flood
What might be the most monumental “new beginning“ in the Bible, life must have looked VERY different for Noah and his family once they departed the ark after the great flood. Read what happened in Genesis 6-9.

After protecting the Israelite spies, Rahab and her family were spared when the walls of Jericho fell and they were adopted into the Israelite camp. Read more in Joshua 6.

Jacob flees Esau’s wrath
A man of multiple “fresh starts“—after Jacob deceived his way into receiving his brother’s birthright, he fled to the household of their uncle Laban. Life was different for him there, as he worked hard for 20 years to gain wives and a flock of his own, eventually packing up his household and moving back to his home. Read Genesis 27-31 for the full story.

Moses becomes a prince of Egypt
Throughout his life Moses had several “fresh starts“: from fugitive newborn to prince of Egypt, then fugitive from Egypt to a worker/husband in Jethro’s house, then to a leader of the Israelites in their escape from Egypt. Read Moses’ journey in Exodus.

The Lord blesses Job
We are familiar with the trials of Job and how he lost everything, but God blessed Job in the second half of his life even more than in the beginning. Check out the happy ending in Job 42:7-17.

When Ruth meets Boaz
Widowed and poor, things really turned around when Ruth encountered Boaz, the wealthy relative of her late husband. Read the story in Ruth 2-4.

Joseph goes from imprisoned slave to ruler of Egypt
After Joseph interpreted Pharoah’s dream about the coming famine, he is promoted to second in charge of Egypt. Pretty good considering he had just been an imprisoned slave! Find the story in Genesis 41.

Saul encounters Jesus Christ
After Saul encounters Jesus on the road to Damascus he undergoes a radical transformation from persecutor of Christians to baptised preacher of the Christian faith. Check out Acts 9 for Saul’s encounter.

Jesus heals the man born blind
Many people who encountered Jesus had their lives changed, lifelong conditions healed and fresh new starts. One blind beggar demonstrates his changed life after he encounters Jesus, is healed and then stands up to the Jewish leaders, admonishing them that they did not believe in Jesus as the Messiah. You’ll find the story in John 9.

The Samaritan Woman encounters Jesus
While drawing water from the well, a Samaritan woman is approached by Jesus, who leaves such an impression on her that she runs back to her village proclaiming she has just met the Messiah. Because of this woman’s faith “many Samaritans from the village believed in Jesus“. You’ll find the story in John 4:1-42.

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