Category: Faith

Our hearts are not the enemy

“What makes us emotionally unhealthy individuals is not the
presence of negative emotions but what we do with them.”

Adventist Schools seek partnership

At the end of August 2022, more than 100 church and school leaders came together to prayerfully consider how best Adventist churches and schools could form stronger partnerships to reveal Jesus and nurture the many students and families in our schools.

Prayers, sweat and tears

His breath reeked of alcohol and his face was rough with stubble, as he shuffled along the street.* He stopped next to a small church,

One in eight billion

God knows every one of the 8 billion people on this planet. He is the only one who knows the exact number of people at any given time and He loves and cares for all of them.

Hiding or visible?

We must continue to keep the identity of the Adventist Church clear.

The main thing

Are you intentionally showing Jesus to anyone or telling them about what God has done in your life?