The Ten: people who were visited by angels

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Dive into the fascinating stories of 10 people from the Bible who were unexpectedly visited by angels and discover how these encounters shaped their journeys in some interesting ways.

Genesis 16: An angel found Hagar by a spring and instructed her to return to Sarai, promising her descendants too numerous to count.

Genesis 18: As Abraham rested by his tent, three visitors appeared to inform Abraham and Sarah of the forthcoming birth of their son, Isaac.

Genesis 19: Lot was visited by two angels who warned him of the impending destruction of Sodom, guiding him and his family out of the city to safety.

Judges 6: Gideon received a visit from an angel who assured him of God’s presence and guided him in leading Israel to victory over the Midianites.

Samson’s parents  
Judges 13: The parents of Samson were visited by an angel who foretold the birth of their son, instructing them to raise him as a Nazirite.

Luke 1: Zechariah, a priest, encountered the angel Gabriel while serving in the temple. The angel announced the birth of John the Baptist, Zechariah’s son, despite his and Elizabeth’s old age. 

Luke 1: The young Mary received a visit from the same angel, Gabriel, who informed her of the miraculous conception of Jesus.

Acts 8:26–40: Philip was guided by an angel to encounter an Ethiopian eunuch on a desert road. Philip shared the gospel with the eunuch, who embraced Christianity through baptism.

Acts 10:1–8: Roman centurion named Cornelius received a visit from an angel who instructed him to send for the apostle Peter.

Acts 12: While imprisoned, the apostle Peter was visited by an angel who miraculously freed him from his chains and led him out of the heavily guarded prison.

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