The Ten: Pathfinder Honours you may not know about

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September 16 is World Pathfinder Day! Pathfinders is a club run for youth aged 10-16 with the aim of engaging youth in hobbies, practical skills and service activities in a fun and interactive way. Pathfinders offers the opportunity for kids to learn about God through nature and how to serve God in any vocation. 

Pigeon Training Honour

In this honour you get to hatch and raise two pairs of pigeons. You can either train them as homing pigeons to return to their loft from a distance of 40km away, or you can prepare them as show pigeons to be exhibited in a fair or show.

Lichens, Liverworts and Mosses Honour

Learn about the various kinds of lichens, liverworts and mosses, and discover ways moss has played a significant part in the economy. As part of this honour, you get to make a moss garden in a small terrarium from different kinds of lichens and mosses.

Pinewood Derby Honour

This honour teaches you about the different components and requirements for building a pinewood derby car. It also provides the opportunity to design and build a pinewood derby car from a basic kit, and to participate in a derby event using the car you built.

Canoe Building Honour

The Canoe Building Honour teaches you how to build a canoe from scratch. After choosing a tree and seeing it felled, you must shape the log into a canoe by hollowing out the inside. You can make paddles, seats, poles, decking or even a sail for the canoe if desired. 

Wilderness Living Honour

This honour involves two weekend campouts where one learns three ways to collect and purify water to drink, as well as identify, prepare and eat 10 varieties of wild plants. Pathfinders must also demonstrate the skills of stalking and concealment and prepare a shelter.

Duct Tape Honour

This honour provides the opportunity to create five items out of duct tape, such as a wallet, basket, piece of clothing, flower arrangement or toy. As a final challenge, you must build a boat out of duct tape which will support a 2kg sack of flour without it getting wet.

Artificial Intelligence Honour

The Artificial Intelligence Honour will teach you all about artificial intelligence, what it is, the history of its development and how it is used in the real world. You will also learn about the importance and benefits of artificial intelligence for society.

Maple Sugar Honour

In this honour, you will learn how to identify the sugar maple from its bark and leaf, understand how the maple tree produces sweet sap, and how maple syrup is made from this sap. Pathfinders will also get to taste pure maple syrup or maple sugar. Yum!

Christian Grooming and Manners Honour

For all the single ladies and gents out there, this one is of interest as it will educate you in the scriptural guidelines for handling dating and sexuality. It will also teach conversational skills, posture, table manners, proper grooming and taking care of your appearance. 

Parade Floats Honour

This honour will allow you to design, build and decorate a float for a parade for your Pathfinder group. You will then get to be part of a float parade and sing or hand out pamphlets as appropriate to passers-by.

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