The Ten: Great escapes in the Bible

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1. Elisha (2 Kings 6:8-23)
God‘s faithful prophet evaded capture by the Aramean army by asking God to make the soldiers blind. This was not the only time God manufactured a miraculous escape. 

2. 100 Prophets (1 Kings 18:4)
The evil queen Jezebel would make any Disney villain look like a kitten. The 100 prophets of the Lord were hidden in two caves by Obadiah to avoid Jezebel’s wrath, saving their lives.  

3. Paul (Acts 9:23-25) 
Paul had often been chasing Christians when he was still Saul, however, in this great escape, he was the hunted one. When the Jews in Damascus planned to kill Paul, he was lowered over the city’s walls in a basket by night. 

4. Jonathan and Ahimaaz (2 Samuel 17:17-21)
It was probably dank and slippery but these two allies of King David had no other choice, hiding in a well to escape a rampaging Absalom. One wonders if one of them had tried the trick as a child after stealing a pastry! 

5. Two Israelite spies (Joshua 2:16) 
Rahab hid the two Israelite spies under the flax on her roof, before helping them climb out of Jericho through her window. One wonders if Paul was thinking of the story during his experience in Damascus. 

6. The Exodus (Exodus 14)
God had paved the way for Israel‘s escape from Egypt, but just when all hope seemed lost, and the Israelites were trapped against the Red Sea, God sent a strong wind to part the sea and help them escape the Egyptian army.

7. The apostle Peter (Acts 12:6–11)
An angel rescued Peter from prison in the dead of night. The writer tells us he was even chained between two sleeping guards at the time. Boy did Rhoda get a fright when he turned up at the door, alive and free. 

8. Noah (Genesis 7:7)
Talk about a great escape. Noah escaped the great flood in his God-designed life raft, while saving his whole family and all the animals, two-by-two. 

9. Baby Moses (Exodus 2:1-4)
Faithful Jochabed could not stomach her baby boy being drowned, so she placed him in a basket and floated him down the crocodile-infested Nile river.  

10. Lot (Genesis 19:15–17) 
Lot and his family were rushed out of the city of Sodom by angels, just before it was destroyed. Lot‘s wife was a bit salty about leaving. Unfortunately she didn’t make it. 

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