Monday, February 19, 2018

A Bible for every Pacific student

This will be the fifth print run of the World Changers Bible, with 225,700 Bibles printed to date.

Escape by night

Empower 2018: AUC Ministers’ Meetings

Why I don’t go to church

28 Fundamentals: The divine bargain

Going plant based: Better for your body and the planet

Keen to go green in 2018? Eat plants!

Morton on lifestyle as medicine

Meet the academic who wants you to live more happy.

World’s smallest pacemaker at the San

Weighing less than a five cent coin, the world’s smallest pacemaker has been implanted during heart surgery at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. 

Eat It To Beat It

There's no better way to start the school year than with a lunch box full of healthy, tasty food.

Spinach quiche with brown rice crust

Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 60 mins
Serves: 8

Why I don’t go to church

This year, assistant editor Maritza Brunt has decided to stop going to church. Here's why.

28 Fundamentals: The divine bargain

Stories of mission

Spiritual arrogance?

The snakebite conversion

Sabbath School - Quarter 1, 2018

Lesson 8 – The Impact of Tithing

“Through the ups and downs of my life, my tithing, or lack of it, has been an indicator of my spiritual health,” says Greater Sydney Conference CFO Eva Ing. Learn more about the impact of tithing in this week’s video.  

The Ten: Best Christian pick-up lines

Today is Valentine's Day, so we thought we'd spread the love by releasing a special, online-only edition of The Ten. If you've never told...

My new mission: Live More Happy

Avondale academic’s “audacious” plan to lift the lives of 10 million people.

The Ten: Biblical places that still exist today

You know of Egypt. What about Malta and Ephesus? These are just a few of the biblical places that you can still visit today.

Review: Hooked by a feel-good book

Find out what happens when a self-described "not overly optimistic person" meets a feel-good book.

Escape by night

It was 2am when Anwara climbed into the boat. She is one of 500,000 people displaced by the ongoing Rakhine state crisis in Myanmar.

Empower 2018: AUC Ministers’ Meetings

Hinze and his OSPEX

Good samaritan centre opens for community

Lee at Tasmania Big Camp

Signs of the Times editor Lee Dunstan at Tasmania Big Camp, with president Pastor Gary Webster and Hobart Bible worker Eugene and his wife Melissa.