Sunday, April 5, 2020

Members making an impact, thousands seeking hope, surge in Bible studies

South Pacific Division president Glenn Townend gives us a summary of the latest COVID-19 developments across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

The world in lockdown

Book Review: Living 28

Family life 24/7 in the midst of COVID-19

Worldly Adventism

ELIA Wellness launches COVID-19 health resources

The resources include videos, factsheets and wellness programs produced in conjunction with health professionals.

Natural sweeteners: Are they good for you?

Sweeteners provide a way to satisfy the sweet tooth, minus the calories.

Supplements or food? How to get nutrients

Should we consider supplements to fill the gaps in our diets?

Coronavirus advice for local churches

How should local churches approach potluck lunches, communion services and other activities? Here is some advice from the Australian Union Conference.

No-bake choc-raspberry slice

Preparation time: 15 + refridgeration
Cooking time: 0
Serves: 12

The world in lockdown

What does the Bible say?

Family life 24/7 in the midst of COVID-19

Worldly Adventism

Flat pack faith

Managing anger in the midst of COVID-19

Record Wrap

March 27, 2020

In this week’s bulletin: Adventist unions, churches and institutions close and adapt to COVID-19 concerns | Signs of the Times creates new online multimedia ministry | ADRA and Mums At The Table create ministries to help others amidst coronavirus crisis.

Book Review: Living 28

Is Living 28 just another empty promise of making Adventist doctrine relevant to the 21st Century, or does it refreshingly hit the mark? Maryellen Fairfax investigates.

New ebook offers guide for ministry during COVID-19

"[We're] scrambling to respond to a rapidly evolving situation, [so] last weekend I brought together some of the encouragement and practical suggestions being shared," said author Dr Peter Roennfeldt.

David Edgren talks travel, telling stories and changing the world

"We can't all go to every hurting place on the planet. But we can care enough to listen to the stories of those who have."

A day in the life of a . . . remote area pastor

Pastor Don Fehlberg opens up about his work and ministry in Australia's isolated, Indigenous communities.

Family life 24/7 in the midst of COVID-19

If you're struggling to juggle family life, home schooling, work and staying healthy in social isolation, Edyta and Darius Jankiewicz provide some very useful ideas to help you thrive.

Worldly Adventism

Managing anger in the midst of COVID-19

How we read the Bible in 90 days

Living 28 launched in Victoria

Adventist Record editor Jarrod Stackelroth and Signs of the Times editor Kent Kingston joined ABC managers and Signs Publishing staff at their annual training and leadership weekend in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria (February 21-24).