Thursday, December 14, 2017

Reopened Currawah has a bright future

After reopening this year, Currawah Aboriginal Education Centre has been busy changing lives.

God’s decisive intervention

Emily is in a class of her own

My ministry: Feed the homeless

New campaign to save lives and limbs in the South Pacific

Type 2 diabetes is approaching pandemic proportions in the Pacific. It's time to stamp it out.

New world-leading robotic surgery at the San

The San's new robotic technology enables more precise surgery and provides faster recovery time for patients.

Health Facts: Microorganisms in the gut

What we eat significantly affects what bugs are able to thrive in our gut, which then impacts our health. Find out more in this week’s Health Facts.

Celebrating junk food?

There are two things present at any given children's church event: Jesus and junk food.

Cardamom scented prune log

Preparation time: 20 mins
Cooking time: 0 mins
Serves: 36

God’s decisive intervention

With chaos and catastrophe gripping our world, it would be easy to think God is inactive. So, is He? Pastor Glenn Townend discusses.

Giving is always an afterthought

Living faith

Where are they?

Record Wrap

December 8, 2017

In this week’s bulletin: Ted Wilson visits Fiji, speaks to thousands | ATSIM appoints new leader | New world-leading robotic surgery at the San | Hope for Kiribati.

Bookshelf Top 20 of 2017

The bestseller list shows customers’ preferences for locally produced books, with new-release books from Signs Publishing and cookbooks from Revive Café’s Jeremy Dixon in New Zealand regular favourites.

A step further

To many congregations, the pastor’s spouse is no more than an unpaid volunteer.

Ellen White: A model in tenacity and perseverance

The Adventist Church founder pushed through the barriers of pain and fatigue to continue her soul-winning witness.

The Ten: Encouraging verses for women

When it comes to beauty, the world and the Word of God have very different views.

My ministry: Feed the homeless

Several years removed from a series of devastating earthquakes, the city of Christchurch, and its people, are still doing it tough.

Reopened Currawah has a bright future

Christmas carols celebrate community

30 and counting: The MASDAC story

Primary school reflects Christ through success in 2017

Food for the homeless

Head of the editorial team Tracey Bridcutt (far left) joined volunteers from Sydney Adventist Hospital on Friday night to serve up a hearty meal to about 20 homeless men and women in the Sydney suburb of Hornsby.