Tuesday, October 24, 2017

ADRA responds to Rohingya refugee crisis

ADRA is responding to one of the worst refugee crises of recent times as Rohingya Burmese flee to Bangladesh.

The Ten: Encouraging Bible verses for men

Church at school: Does it work?

First Spanish women’s retreat in Australia

Plant-based diets and iron

Plants: the real "iron man food".

CHIP facilitators trained

An additional 63 people are now licensed facilitators for the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) in the Papua New Guinea Union Mission.

Sydney Adventist Hospital opens $4m rehabilitation unit

The San's 48-room rehab unit is designed to get people back to their normal lives faster and easier, and without the need to transfer to another facility.

Health Facts: sleep deprivation and heart disease

Not getting enough sleep? You are putting yourself at significant risk of cardiovascular disease.

Mung bean, dill and seed salad

Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 60 mins
Serves: 5

The Ten: Encouraging Bible verses for men

The might of men isn't found in muscles; it comes from the Almighty.

The unfinished Reformation

Sabbath protesting

Be little: Taking the stigma out of smallness

Justification by faith: remembering the Reformation

Seeking Understanding: Stories of Faith and Science

Randall Younker

Dr Randall Younker takes us to Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula to explain how he dealt with this historical anachronism in the Bible and of his own research relating to camel domestication.

The Ten: Encouraging Bible verses for men

The might of men isn't found in muscles; it comes from the Almighty.

Kayle de Waal talks discipleship, reformation and Jesus

The head of Avondale Seminary says the Church is in dire need of a "third reformation".

The unfinished Reformation

"The best days of the Reformation lie ahead," writes Dr Barry Harker.

Living books, inspiring stories: Avondale’s Human Library builds community and tolerance

Borrowers kept a seven-time Paralympian and 13 other local living books busy at Avondale Libraries' first Human Library (October 7).

Church at school: Does it work?

Avondale academics granted $A50K for first-of-its-kind study.

A lesson in love

Record Rewind: the artefacts around us

She yet speaks

Tag team worship at TPUM

A special item on behalf of the SPD Discipleship Ministries team members, our very own Tracey Bridcutt (front row, far left) and friends from the Trans-Pacific Union Mission.