Monday, September 23, 2019

New Family Ministries specialist appointed to SPD

After long-serving Family Ministries director Dr Trafford Fischer's retirement, the South Pacific Division has appointed Dr Edyta Jankiewicz to the role.

Solomons students feed the homeless

The forgotten sign

Wahroonga school opens junior building

Health as a lifestyle

What does it mean to live life with style? Pastor Glenn Townend discusses.

Health Matters: Childhood snoring

Sydney Adventist Hospital's Dr Bill Johnston discusses the serious consequences of snoring and mouth breathing on a child's development.

Sugar: Friend or foe?

Finding that "sweet spot" in our diets.

Initiative supports health work

How can one union health director support churches and schools across a large territory? New Zealand has the answer.

Pumpkin and chickpea satay

Preparation time: 25
Cooking time: 20
Serves: 4

The forgotten sign

The world is becoming less peaceful. However, Pastor Travis Manners says there is something more to worry about than violence and terrorism.

Triumph slump

The joy of spring

Wealth and health – Part 1

Hills and valleys

Mission 360°

The Church with No Walls – September 21

Lives are being transformed in a busy city park. Find out how Adventists are meeting people’s physical and spiritual needs in Fiji.

The Ten: Qualities to look for in a godly wife

Following on from last month's edition of The Ten, we now ask the question: what makes a woman marriage material?

Book Review: God? Really?

As an Adventist, I thought I had all the answers. "God? Really?" made me think again.

Signs’ Norwegian book wrestles with God questions

A new book translated from Norwegian and published by Signs Publishing responds to the common atheists' critiques of faith, particularly to questions about what God is like.

Mark Finley talks about the Church

How can God's people navigate through divisions, disagreements and difficult issues?

Solomons students feed the homeless

The Grade 6 students from Kumum Seventh-day Adventist Primary School wanted to make a difference and follow the example of Jesus.

Created to serve

ADRA community centre opens sensory play area

Solomons students share their love for Jesus

Kokoda conquerers!

Congratulations to our senior editor Jarrod Stackelroth and the rest of the 10,000 Toes team for making it through the Kokoda Track.