Monday, October 15, 2018

Australian church responds to GC compliance document; leaders call for calm,...

An update on the situation regarding compliance and unity in the world Church, in the lead up to Annual Council 2018.

Could brekkie before exercise burn more carbs?

A groundbreaking, a dedication and a baptism in PNG

Ballarat church elder wins Senior of the Year award

ADRA Appeal still making an impact

Could brekkie before exercise burn more carbs?

Although fasting before exercise may be a mantra for some celebrities and personal trainers, recent research shows eating breakfast before you work out could help "prime" your body to burn more carbs.

Food Matters: Appealing Puree Meals

In this podcast, Sydney Adventist Hospital dietitian Sarah Liston discusses how "food shaping" is making pureed food more appealing to the sick and elderly.

CHIP creates community buzz in Fiji

More than 50 people, the majority of them non-Adventist, recently graduated from CHIP programs across Fiji.

San study offers fresh hope for women suffering debilitating menstrual condition

An alternative treatment has shown promising results with women who otherwise faced the prospect of a hysterectomy. 

Breakfast in a jar

Preparation time: 10
Cooking time: 0
Serves: 4

Saved in every way

Pastor Glenn Townend opens up about his terminal disease.

28 Fundamentals: True creationism

Risk and reward

28 Fundamentals: The greatest team on earth

Sabbath School - Quarter 4, 2018

Lesson 3 – ‘That They All May Be One’

No meaningful discussion of church unity, of our oneness in Christ, can be complete without careful attention given to Jesus’ “high-priestly prayer”.

ADRA Appeal still making an impact

ADRA Australia's senior fundraising manager Aleksandra Ewing discusses why support for the ADRA Appeal is declining, and how churches can get involved during this month's "Knocktober" campaign.

Record Rewind: A great revival

Len Minchin's Week of Prayer at Avondale College in 1939 sparked a "a veritable 20th century Pentecost" throughout the entire Australasian Union Conference.

Peter Roennfeldt talks evangelism by eating

Author says evangelism and discipleship are to encompass all dimensions of life, including our mental, physical, spiritual and relational wellbeing.

New simple discipleship book launched by road trip and camp meeting

If You Can Eat . . . You Can Make Disciples was launched on September 24 with a prayer of dedication led by South Queensland conference president Pastor Brett Townend.

A groundbreaking, a dedication and a baptism in PNG

Eastern Highlands Simbu Mission has much to celebrate as God blesses the work in this region.

Ballarat church elder wins Senior of the Year award

ADRA Appeal still making an impact

My Ministry: Taking the gospel to the jungle

Jarrod in WA

Editor Jarrod Stackelroth spent the weekend in Western Australia. Friday morning was spent producing some writing tips video in the WA Conference studio with communication director Nat Tan—these will be available to watch soon! On Sabbath, he preached at Swan Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church...