Thursday, October 22, 2020
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God’s street artist

"Worx" of art: How Pastor Tulaga Aiolupotea is revolutionising urban ministry.

The urge to purge

You've heard of people burning their CD collection when they come to Christ. Is it really helpful? Why are Christians overcome with the urge to purge and is there a better way?

The roundabout road to leadership

Danijela Schubert didn't want to marry a pastor, nor a man with blond hair; she got both. She also never wanted to be a leader, yet she is currently the associate division secretary for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific. This is her story.

Abide Family Ministries talk about their ministry and music for children...

How an Australian couple, and their puppet Arnie, are introducing children around the world to Jesus.

Brothers: disability no barrier

One is blind, the other is wheelchair-bound. Yet nothing will stop these two brothers from serving their God.

Aleta King talks The Promise, their music and their mission

Aleta King, director of the Conservatorium of Music at Avondale College of Higher Education, says The Promise's new album is the ensemble’s most complete work to date.

Digital disciple, music minister recognised as faithful creatives

Children’s pastor and singer/songwriter receive Manifest’s most prestigious award.

If you think church is too girly, you’re doing it wrong...

This is a message for the men in the church. Ladies, feel free to tag along; who knows, you may find it strangely relevant.

The place of doctrine and Jesus in Christian faith

"Jesus. All."? Not so fast. As Dr Norman Young writes, "the profound depth of the truth about Jesus cannot be captured in a slogan or a grab-line, no matter how often it is repeated."

Adventist Church updates copyright information

Churches around the Pacific now have access to copyright compliance information after the South Pacific Division updated the copyright information on its website.
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