Creative Corner: Anna Beaden

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For Anna Marie Lindbeck—or Anna Beaden, as she is known in the music industry—creating music has been a “lifeline” during this season of lockdown. “This year I took the plunge into working as a teacher part-time so I could spend Fridays working on music . . . reading, writing, praying, thinking and creating . . . working on concepts and musicianship,” she says.

With a laid-back, stripped-back music style combining elements of soul and folk Christian genres, Anna seeks to make lyrics the focal point of her songs.

“What I love most about music is that a song can communicate an idea and belief so strongly and in a way that can stick with people. I remember recording with a non-Christian and they were laughing as they shared with me that they found themselves singing I love you God and I know you created me from my Simple Joys EP while they were at the shops,” she laughs. “I want these life-changing truths to not only get stuck in their heads . . . [but] in their hearts.”

Although well-known in the Sunshine Coast (Qld) community, the singer/songwriter moved to Melbourne this year to work at Gilson College. And despite lockdown, Anna says the isolation has allowed her to be more intentional about songwriting and to connect with God.

“This year, more than ever, I feel the closest to God through my music journey . . . It’s been so good for my soul, especially through the hard lockdown days,” she says. “I spend my [music days] wrestling with God, seeking Him, leaning into Him and I feel like He is so close that I can almost hug Him. It’s hard to put into words.”

So far this year, Anna has written five songs, and has about 40 “half-songs” that need some more time to pull together.

“I think my next project will be to find a producer (or mentor to work with in my own home studio) to help me get these songs to where I want them. They have very powerful and personal messages throughout them—so I feel like I need to do them justice.”

Music has always been a part of Anna’s life and she attributes her passion and ability to the people who supported her.

“I was raised in a strong community (shout-out to my homeland of Beadenville!) . . . [where] I was involved in special items, received piano lessons, had singalongs, recorded for free in a home studio near my house. People loved me and believed in me no matter what  . . . [and] it gave me the confidence to give things a go. It just feels like it was always meant to be, who I was made to be,” she says.

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