Author: Maryellen Hacko

Creative Corner: Andy Collis

Andy Collis is a fine artist and art academic who is well-loved by the Adventist community in Australia and beyond.

The great divide

During my time at Adventist Record, I’ve noticed a problem brewing at the core of our denomination.

Creative Corner: Phil McKay

From art exhibitions to Bible study guides, fine artist Phil McKay has seen his work used in a wide variety of contexts to share the good news of Jesus. 

A time before time

In a time before time, when the world was unborn, the void was empty; the emptiness void.

Creative Corner: Roje Ndayambaje

Exploring themes of heartbreak, heaven and the human condition, Roje Ndayambaje is a talented spoken-word poet and Christian thinker whose words force readers to reflect on their own lived experiences.