New website to aid instrumental musicians in worship

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A new website offering transposed hymns has been launched to aid musicians who play instruments of different pitches, particularly in small ensembles.

Hymns from the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal that are in the public domain, or that have permission from specific composers, can be easily accessed and downloaded for free as PDF sheet music, and printed as needed.

In cases where hymns are in the public domain, but where the hymnal arrangement is under copyright, other older (public domain) arrangements have been sourced.

The project was brought to life by Merian Richardson from Orange Seventh-day Adventist Church (NSW), who put in years of time and effort to make it a reality.

Merian Richardson.

“I have been working on this project for eight years, since the 2012 SNSW Conference Big Camp at Jindabyne where myself and others in our music group found it tiresome having to transpose hymns for instruments such as trumpets, clarinets and saxophones when accompanying camp hymn singing,” she said.

Scrupulous care has been taken throughout this project, in consultation with David Petrie (Greater Sydney Conference) and Valmai Hill (Institute of Worship) to ensure copyright has not been breached.

The transposed music is aimed at instruments which play in B-flat, C, E-flat, and F. There is also music for instruments which play from the bass clef.

This is good news for wind, string and brass instruments in church ensembles, who can take advantage of the three part harmony arrangements when accompanying hymn singing.

The website can be accessed at

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