Friday, November 22, 2019
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My Story: From Mormon, to Muslim, to Adventist

How one man's study of the Sabbath converted him to the Christian faith.

My Ministry: Taking the gospel to the jungle

They were chased out of the village by a man with a bush knife who didn't like them speaking about Sabbath.

Best Sabbath afternoon

For Pastor Glenn Townend, rocking back and forth on the steep and rough roads around Honiara (Solomon Islands) in the Mission 4WD was an ideal way to spend a Sabbath afternoon.

New ministry brings members in Honiara

An evangelistic campaign organised by a new ministry team in Honiara, Solomon Islands, has already resulted in 25 baptisms.

My ministry—Mr Be Happy

Mambo Fangaria is missing quite a few teeth, but he has one of the most infectious smiles you’re ever likely to see.

Honiara riots halt flood relief efforts

Police are out in force and businesses have been evacuated in Honiara following two nights of riots in the Solomon Islands capital over the weekend.

Flood relief concert raises funds for victims

Pacific Adventist University came together on April 26 in a chorus of songs that drowned out the sound of tropical rain and warmed the hearts of all who attended the “Helpem Fren Concert”.

Honiara floods: ADRA responds

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has begun distributing emergency relief in the wake of destructive floods that have killed 19 and left 49,000 homeless in the Solomon Islands capital of Honiara.

Seeking certainty

The search for the missing flight MH370 continues. No doubt you share the concern of so many who wonder how, in these modern times, a plane could disappear without a trace.

Nineteen dead in Honiara floods

Flash flooding in Honiara this past week has killed 16 people and left thousands of others homeless, as heavy rains battered the Solomon Islands capital.
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