Solomon Islands welcomes General Conference representatives

Pastor Brent Burdick (left) and Doctor Guillermo Biaggi (right) visit the Hope Channel temporary television studios.

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General vice president of the General Conference Dr Guillermo Biaggi and associate treasurer Pastor Brent Burdick were welcomed to Solomon Islands following their attendance at the South Pacific Division year-end meetings.

Upon their arrival on Friday, November 15, the pair were welcomed at the airport by a guard of honour of Pathfinders, accompanied by the music of a bamboo band and a choir who sang “We’ve come this far by faith”.

That afternoon, following refreshments at the Solomon Islands Mission (SIM) conference rooms and a three-hour rest at the Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel, they were introduced to the Honiara church family at the Maranatha Hall (Burns Creek) for an evening of vespers. During the service, Pastor Burdick preached on Acts 11 and the story of Paul and Barnabas, encouraging listeners to build one another up.

The next day, an 8:30 am Sabbath service featured testimonies, songs by the choir and world mission highlights by Doctor Biaggi. Pastor Burdick then preached at the Betikama College graduation on Matthew 24. Solomon Islands prime minister Manasseh Sogavare and several government MPs attended the church service, along with more than 5000 others. A lunch was then served at the SIM conference rooms.

More than 1000 pathfinders and adventurers committing their lives to Christ on Sabbath afternoon.

On Sabbath afternoon, Adventist Youth (AY) meetings were conducted by HONDIS youth under the leadership of youth director Pastor Steve Aquila. Youth, ambassadors, Pathfinders and Adventurers from 12 churches sang to the congregation, followed by two half-hour messages by Doctor Biaggi and Pastor Burdick.

Approximately 1000 Pathfinders and Adventurers came to the front to pledge their lives to Christ and be dedicated to God before the close of Sabbath.

On Sunday morning, the GC representatives were given a tour of the Hope FM radio studio and Hope Channel temporary television studio, as well as the camp grounds under preparation and the American war memorial.

Church leaders and members have expressed their gratitude to the GC representatives for their visit, saying that it has blessed and encouraged the Church.

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