UPDATED: Two young Adventists killed by bomb blast in Solomon Islands, others injured

Raziv Hilly pictured in Kukum Seventh-day Adventist Church the day before his death. (Source: Facebook)

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Two young men from Kukum Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Solomon Islands have died following to a tragic bomb blast at Lengakiki Heights, West Honiara on May 9.

Kukum youth leader Raziv Hilly (aged 29) was standing above the 105mm US projectile left from World War II when it exploded. He died the same day from injuries after being rushed to the National Referral Hospital (NRH).

Fellow youth leader Charley Noda was standing behind Mr Hilly when the bomb exploded and died a week later (May 15), also at NRH.

Mr Noda is survived by his wife, who was also injured in the blast. According to Solomon Star, she is in hospital and recovering well. Another female victim is also recovering in hospital.

Reports stated that the four young people were cooking food on a wood fire for a fundraiser when the incident occurred—the heat from the fire triggering the bomb which was buried underground.

According to Solomon Star, Mr Hilly was from Vella La Vella and Ranoggah in the Western Province and was a qualified aviation engineer and property manager.

Tributes have flowed in across social media, remembering Mr Hilly and Mr Noda for their wonderful personalities, contribution to church life and love for God. 

According to RNZ News, large areas of the Solomon Islands are littered with debris from WWII, including many unexploded bombs that continue to kill and maim locals even 75 years later.

The incident follows the death of two people in Honiara last September due to another explosion.

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