Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Wealth and health – Part 1

Our pursuit of wealth often comes at the expense of our health.


No cash? No problem. Pastor Glenn Townend highlights some "cashless" ways we can give back to God.

He should be a billionaire

What is being rich without being responsible?

ADRA says ‘thank you’ to volunteers

The ADRA Appeal in October saw thousands of volunteers being compelled to serve in their local communities and to help people in need.

ADRA Appeal still making an impact

ADRA Australia's senior fundraising manager Aleksandra Ewing discusses why support for the ADRA Appeal is declining, and how churches can get involved during this month's "Knocktober" campaign.

The great invitation

The beauty of God's invitation is that you—not the occasion—are the reason for the invitation.

What are you living for?

Where we invest our time and money is a true reflection of our life's focus.

Manure in my wallet

It may be gross, but it can also do a lot of good.

‘I took change from the offering basket . . .’

. . . the look on the deacon's face was priceless.

But what about tomorrow?

What's more important: being a blessing today or planning for the future?
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