Book Review: The Giving Equation

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As author Ken Long mentions in the opening chapter of The Giving Equation, “For many, the word stewardship triggers an immediate defensive reaction and a closed mind.” Think about your own reaction when you saw the title of this book—a book on giving hardly feels like a riveting read. I’d like to challenge that perception because The Giving Equation will disrupt your preconceived ideas about stewardship.

The Giving Equation confronts a common, worldly view of finances that many of us in the Church are subconsciously living with—called the “Me-economy”—that the more we give, the less we will have. Dr Long questions that mindset and provides a strong biblical and practical basis for a new economy, the “G- or God-economy.” With a G-economy mindset, we find freedom to trust God and experience the abundant life that He promises. When we move away from the “me” mindset, we develop a character that reflects the generous heart of God.

Dr Long writes with a simple yet engaging style, his passion and practical experience comes through with engaging illustrations and personal stories. Each chapter provides a short summary for personal reflection and, toward the end of The Giving Equation, are a series of biblical case studies that draw out principles of giving to help make the concepts practical. These case studies are presented in a study-guide form, which are a great little resource for family worship, small groups or sabbath school classes.

This is a book for anyone who interacts with money! It will challenge your preconceived ideas about how giving works and will reframe your thinking around your relationship with money and your relationship with God. The Giving Equation will open your eyes to the abundance of God’s love and His willingness to give “bonus and blessing” in the G-economy. As a result of reading this book, I hope you are able to experience the peace that comes from living with the life-changing freedom of dependence that Dr Long talks about.

The Giving Equation is available from Adventist bookstores in Australia and New Zealand, or online at

Lyndelle Peterson is Director of Stewardship for the Australian Union Conference.

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