Wealth and health – Part 2

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Sozo. It’s a Greek word meaning “salvation; to save; to heal”. It’s about wholistic healing—physically, mentally and spiritually.

In the eighth chapter of the Bible’s book of Luke—written in Greek by a medical doctor—we read of a woman with a serious health problem. After 12 years of expensive sickness she’d spent all of her money, but instead of getting better she grew worse, so she came to Jesus seeking physical healing.

In faith that Jesus had the power to heal her sickness, she reached out through a pressing crowd and touched His garment. Through a miracle she was immediately healed, physically, and she knew it.

But Jesus had an even greater gift for her. He turned to her and said, “Daughter, your faith has made you whole [sozo], go in peace.” She came for physical healing, but Jesus made her whole—physically, mentally and spiritually. He gave her peace.

Is that how you want to live, in physical, mental and spiritual health? Do you want deep inner peace? If so, I encourage you to spend less time and energy seeking financial and lifestyle goals, and instead, seek the sozo that only Jesus can give.

It’s absolutely priceless.

Julian Archer is the founder of Faith
 vs Finance—a global ministry working with Christians who seek to maintain a vibrant relationship with Jesus amidst the pressures of materialism and self-centred lifestyles.

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