Friday, June 5, 2020
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In equality?

Do you have $1 million worth of assets? If so, then you're among the richest 1 per cent of people on earth.

Pastors: getting paid for what?

The work of a pastor is unlike any other occupation.

Money matters

In order for us to be "cheerful givers", we actually have to give.

Holiday humbug

Sighhh. Holidays. A time to take a break from the busyness of the year. But how many of us also use the holidays to take a break from God?

He’s old, poor and alone

For some of us giving a 10 per cent tithe is hard enough. So how does one old, poor and lonely man manage to give 30 per cent?

Heinz, Kraft, Woolworths, Wrigley and Colgate

When it comes to tithing, what does that 10 per cent really entail?

A generous inheritance

It's a tragic scene: parents resting peacefully in their graves, while just six feet above them, their children tear each other apart over assets that they did nothing to earn or deserve.

Australia: The opportunity factory

Greg Sheridan, foreign editor of The Australian newspaper, recently suggested Christianity is fast-becoming totally irrelevant. This is a problem, but also an opportunity.


James Standish wrapped up his tenure as Adventist Record editor on Tuesday. Here are five big ideas he has tried to share through the pages of the magazine over the past five years.

Tithel wave

Statistics on church membership are notoriously unreliable across denominations, including our own in many regions. But there’s a number that no-one overstates: tithe.
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