Friday, May 29, 2020
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‘I took change from the offering basket . . .’

. . . the look on the deacon's face was priceless.

But what about tomorrow?

What's more important: being a blessing today or planning for the future?

My new Ferrari

Receive a blessing, or be a blessing—which is more important?

Money on the mind (Part 1)

The concept of people losing their minds over money is more accurate than you might think.

Money matters

Handling money society's way or God's way?

Healthy eating: The better value way to better health

Money doesn't grow on trees, but plants can definitely save you money.


In theory, a cash-free society sounds progressive. But there's a catch.

Single-minded for the kingdom

Six simple steps for singles.

Unholy tithe

Is my money undermining everything I stand for?

Bruce Manners talks retirement—and planning for it

" . . . many people spend more time planning a two-week holiday than planning their retirement."
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