Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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The social media storm over the "War on Christmas" has begun, with "stupid Christians" being blamed for the swell of negativity.

More than a horse show

There are some striking similarities between horse shows and church camp meetings.

The medical marijuana ruse

As an increasing push is made to legalise medical cannabis, many Adventists either agree or are agnostic. But do we know the full truth?

How did we become a postmodern society?

"Anything goes, do your own thing." This is the mantra of the postmodern world. As Christians, will we stand against this culture or be swept along by it?

Airwave to heaven

Faith FM isn't just another radio station. It's an avenue which God is using to perform miracles and change lives.

Chatting with the new SPD president

Adventist Record sits down with Pastor Glenn Townend, newly-elected president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific.

On reflection

Dr Barry Oliver, newly retired from his role as president of the South Pacific Division, shares his hopes and dreams for our Church family going forward.

Looking back: Ted Wilson on the last five years

An interview with the president.

My ministry—Port Macquarie church

There is a battle being waged in our society to undermine the Bible and thereby destroy faith, and at the forefront of that battle is the indoctrination of evolution.

The big picture

There was something different at this year's South Pacific Division executive committee's year-end meetings.
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