Company employees welcome Hope Channel

New Britain New Ireland Mission stewarship director Pastor Lua Bobore checks out the Hope Channel signal in the home of a NBPOL church member.

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Employees of Papua New Guinea’s largest palm oil producer are responding positively to the addition of Hope Channel on their internal company TV network.

Most of the members of the Mosa Seventh-day Adventist Church in West New Britain work for New Britain Palm Oil Limited (NBPOL), which has more than 10,000 employees, about 1000 of them in the Mosa area. After realising two years ago that the usual methods of outdoor evangelism were not attracting NBPOL workers, Mosa church decided to try a different approach.

Having identified that about 400 residences were connected to the company’s internal TV network—the homes of both management and non-management staff—the church looked at adding Hope Channel as an option. Over two years, with financial support from local businesses and with approval from NBPOL Management, the church raised close to K14,000 for TV decoders and other necessary hardware. NBPOL assisted in logistics, making a technician available to install the equipment. February was the first month that Hope Channel was broadcast to the homes of the main residential areas where management staff reside. There has been a great response from those who have watched, with some expressing gratitude that now they have a channel that is educational with high quality information.

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