Friday, April 3, 2020
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Shawn Boonstra talks books for growing and sharing faith

The speaker/director of Voice of Prophecy says books can do something blockbuster movies and other media never will.

28 Fundamentals: The gospel of death

Our world and media is saturated with different ideas and pictures of death. But what really happens when a person dies? (Fundamental Belief #26)

Media ministry to focus on young adults

A focus on digital platforms and reaching unchurched young people will be key for this new media initiative.

Abide Family Ministries talk about their ministry and music for children...

How an Australian couple, and their puppet Arnie, are introducing children around the world to Jesus.

Leigh Rice talks discipleship and books

Dr Leigh Rice discusses the South Pacific Division's discipleship focus, and the important role books play in disciple-making.

The city challenge

It is the big cities that pose the greatest challenge for mission.

Adventist radio for PNG highlands

The generous gift will allow Adventists in the Western Highlands Province to share the gospel with their region.

Doug Batchelor marvels at gospel’s reach in Papua New Guinea

“I wasn’t prepared tor the impact that media has had,” the Adventist evangelist says.

Company employees welcome Hope Channel

Employees of Papua New Guinea’s largest palm oil producer are responding positively to the addition of Hope Channel on their internal company TV network.

Take two: Another Tell the World review

Tell the World captured not only the 19th century feel of the period, it also portrayed the reality of the key protagonists' struggles and challenges without giving it the feel of an agenda-driven propaganda film.
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