Prayer, praise and fasting at the San

Adventist HealthCare CEO Brett Goods presenting at last year's event.

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Sydney Adventist Hospital is hosting its second 24-hour praise, prayer and fasting event this weekend.

The event will run from 5pm Friday until 5pm Saturday in the hospital’s chapel. Anyone is free to join, either in person in the chapel or online.

“It (the event) is an expression of gratitude for the way God has blessed the hospital in the past and faith in His leading for the future,” AdventistHealth CEO Brett Goods said.

“It is an opportunity to pray for our wonderful staff, doctors, patients, families, volunteers and our supportive community. We pray for individuals; we pray for entire departments.”

Mr Goods said last year’s event was well received. “During those 24 hours, hospital staff, visiting guests, ex-patients and their families shared personal stories about the transformative power of prayer,” he said.

“Some told of miraculous answers to prayer. Some shared stories about what to do while you wait for prayers to be answered or when prayers don’t seem to be answered at all. There were stories of gratitude, of praise, of comfort and hope—despite sometimes desperate circumstances or illness.”

Prayer, praise and fasting event
When: From 5pm Friday, June 21 to 5pm Saturday, June 22
In person: San Chapel, Clifford Tower, 185 Fox Valley Road Wahroonga
In hospital: Via the San’s in-house TV channel 502
Via Zoom: Meeting ID: 441 677 7187. Password: 789789  

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