Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Tag: Sydney Adventist Hospital

Health Matters: Hip replacement

Sydney Adventist Hospital's Dr John Limbers discusses an increasingly popular technique for hip replacement associated with fewer complications, faster recovery time and less pain.

Health Facts: Delirium

Delirium is one of the most common complications of hospitalisation. Sydney Adventist Hospital's Marleta Fong discusses why it is often misdiagnosed and what is being done about it at the San.

Health Matters: Hearing loss

Worldwide more than 360 million people have debilitating hearing loss. Sydney Adventist Hospital's Payal Mukherjee discusses why women in third world countries are suffering the most.

Adventist Healthcare Ltd

Brett Goods provides a snapshot of the present and future work and mission of AHCL.

San staff respond to ‘bomb blast’

Staff and students were put to the test responding to the "chaos" that needs to be managed during a real-life disaster.

Health Matters: Breast screening

Find out about the latest in breast screening technology from Sydney's Adventist Hospital's chief radiographer Nadine Thompson.

Health Matters: Weight loss

Sydney Adventist Hospital's Saurabh Gupta discusses a new type of weight loss surgery that offers a range of benefits compared with invasive alternatives like gastric banding.

The San celebrates 40 years of cardio surgery

Hundreds of students from Wahroonga Adventist School formed the shape of a heart on the front lawn of Sydney Adventist Hospital on Thursday (May 30) to celebrate a special anniversary.

San volunteers making a world of difference

As part of National Volunteer Week, the San is recognising its long-serving volunteers.

Health Matters: Incontinence in men

Sydney Adventist Hospital urologist Dr Phillip Katelaris explains the causes, symptoms and treatments of male incontinence.
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