Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Tag: gratitude

Avondale saved my life

"If I had not attended Avondale College—as I did from 2004 to 2006—it is almost certain that, at some point during or shortly after that period, I would have killed myself."

The joy of spring

Edith Sullivan pens a letter of praise to the Creator of spring.


Kent Kingston makes a case for getting outside and going feral.

O sweet exchange!

FOR OUR SAKES: Dr Norman Young unveils the depth of Jesus' atoning substitution.

The unlikely Pathfinder

She rocked up to her first Pathfinder camp in a snow-white, faux-fur hooded jacket, dragging a gigantic bright purple suitcase behind her. If there ever was a girl unprepared—and unenthusiastic—about Pathfinders, it was Maritza Brunt.

Attitude of gratitude

At 53, John Kralik felt like he had hit rock bottom. Every aspect of his life seemed to be failing—relationships, family, finances and health.
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