Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Fire threatens Adventist campground

An out-of-control bushfire has reportedly destroyed homes and other buildings in the town of Yarloop, Western Australia.

Lives and property lost in WA bushfires

Three of the four people killed in the Esperance bushfires were workers on an Adventist-owned farm who left the property during the blaze in an attempt to save a horse.

Ideology and mission

Is your church focussed on ideology, or is it mission-minded?

Adventists assist victims of WA bushfires

At least four people have been reported dead following severe bushfires in the Esperance area. More than 300 people have been evacuated from affected areas and approximately 500 residents have lost power to their homes and properties.

First Hymnfest engages community

Seventh-day Adventists in Perth have partnered with the Bible Society of Australia to stage Hymnfest, an event designed to uplift Jesus and the Bible through music and song to the local community.

Strong support for The One Project

The One Project attracted a record 400 participants to its gathering in Sydney last month, and also launched in a new location, Perth.

Manifest on the road in WA

A youth rally weekend hosted by the Western Australian Conference shared elements of the Manifest Creative Arts Festival and launched the 2014 festival program and competitions.

New president for WA Conference

Pastor Terry Johnson has been named president of the Western Australian (WA) Conference. Pastor Johnson takes on the position left by Pastor Glenn Townend, who accepted the role of president of the Trans-Pacific Union Mission in May.

Cure for cynicism

Cynicism comes more easily the older we get. As a 42-year-old, middle-aged man, who has worked for the Adventist Church as a loyal, faithful, doctrine-believing paid minister for 20 years, I’ve found that cynicism has sometimes crept into my soul—particul

Discontinuously Different

I recently attended a church in Western Australia and discovered that none of the youth I had met two years earlier were still attending. Where had they gone? Why did they leave?
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