National summit celebrates international prayer days

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A National Prayer Summit was streamed on the Australian Union Conference (AUC) and Adventist Women Australia (AWA) Facebook pages and was watched by over 110 people, with many more tuning in on various other pages.

The Women’s Ministries team selected the beginning of March to create an all-inclusive program full of praise, prayer and food for thought to celebrate International Day of Prayer (5 March) and International Women’s Day of Prayer (6 March).

The main speaker, Pastor Greg Pratt inspired those watching to pray without ceasing, as Paul instructed in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Pastor Pratt reminded viewers that God wants to be part of every aspect in their lives and encouraged them to pray to God throughout the day and not wait until there is a crisis.

Viewers were blessed with personal messages from conference presidents, Pastor Terry Johnson (Greater Sydney), Pastor Steve Goods (Western Australia) and Pastor Darren Slade (Northern Australia), who shared how the power of prayer has and continues to transform their lives.

Viewers also had the opportunity to ask questions to a panel of specialists about prayer.

Women’s Ministries Liaison at the AUC and organiser, Pastor Sylvia Mendez explained, “Although women’s ministries is about empowering women to lead and giving them the tools they need to nurture and grow, it is also about empowering and discipling the whole church and we wanted to create an inclusive event which would do just that.”

When describing how the power of prayer has changed her life Pastor Mendez said, “We talk about experiencing peace in difficult circumstances, peace where it doesn’t even make sense because there is so much chaos around you. I can testify to that power where I have peace even when everything is out of control and that is because of the power of prayer.”

“It is a journey, but prayer can be a constant in the good and bad seasons, and in the seasons where I am struggling to talk to God, having people step in and pray for me has been essential”

The National Prayer Summit ended with a prayer Zoom meeting, which viewers were invited to attend so they could end the night praying for others and themselves.

The National Prayer Summit was the first of three all-inclusive events that the women’s ministries team in Australia is working on for 2021. More information on the upcoming events will be announced soon.

To view the National Prayer Summit please visit the AUC or AWA Facebook page.

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