Church leaders equipped by high level leadership course

Dean Banks.

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Two cohorts of senior leaders from across the South Pacific Division (SPD) have completed an online executive leadership course called “Leading organisations in disruptive times” through INSEAD Business School.

Participants were intentionally selected from across the South Pacific with representatives from Pacific Adventist University, Adventist Media and the four Unions.

Subsidised by the SPD, the initiative supports the SPD leadership strategy to intentionally develop existing leadership capacity and actively grow future leaders over the coming years.

“This is a tangible way to accelerate our leader’s professional growth; interacting with global thought leaders from one of the world’s top three Business schools,” said the SPD’s leadership and professional development manager Dean Banks. “It also promotes networking and knowledge sharing with external industry leaders.”

With a focus on the unique challenges facing senior leaders today, the course exposed the leaders to cutting-edge research, aimed at developing their ability to drive faster decision-making, accelerate change processes and cut through difficult cultural challenges. An action learning project, applying the learnings to a current challenge impacting the leader’s entity, was also a key component of the course.

“One huge benefit was around organisational culture,” shares Pastor Mike Sikuri, president of the South New Zealand Conference. “I’ve found the learnings extremely helpful and am already incorporating this into our Conference journey.”

“My expectations were exceeded,” said Pastor Terry Johnson, president of the Greater Sydney Conference. “The first two weeks were the most impactful on fair leadership processes and managing change, and my coach was awesome.”

“My leadership will not be the same,” said Dr Lalen Simeon, deputy vice chancellor of Pacific Adventist University. “It is one of the best courses I’ve ever attended.”

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