Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Greater Sydney Conference mourns much-loved employee

Well-loved by friends, family and colleagues, e-Learning and STEM education specialist Peter Wallace died unexpectedly on Friday, October 30.

28 Fundamentals: Jesus—An intentional plan

Kesaia Vasutoga says Christmas is the ideal time to look back at the birth of Christ AND forward to His soon return. (Fundamental Belief #4)

New book marks triumphant end to trilogy

Launch of final story in David series reveals young adult’s biggest decisions.

Review: Tears to Joy

"The things I had taught are true, the methods of dealing with the loss are useful, the philosophies are reliable, and recovery is indeed a possibility."—Mike Tucker

Pregnancy diaries—Day 3

Would you reveal the good news of your pregnancy or keep it a secret to protect yourself from possible tragedy?

Love & loss

There's no greater pain than the loss of a child. Imagine losing three. Yet after so much hurt, Amy Cherry has a message: love triumphs over loss.

Six years

“So what’s it like having a dead dad?” It's not a question you want to be asked shortly after losing your father.


The real victims of same-sex marriage are the children, who will lose their natural right to a mother or a father.


A daughter killed in a car accident. A husband lost to a heart attack. Yet for Jaclyn Barr, the greatest tragedies in life are outweighed by an even greater hope.


A dirty dawn breaks over the memorial park, and James Standish stands by his father’s grave. In this moment he is reminded of two things: the tragedy of death, and the triumph of hope in Jesus.
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