Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Tag: Greg Young

ADRA secures $1.7m in funding to support cyclone-devastated communities

ADRA has been at the forefront of the cyclone relief effort while also responding to the coronavirus challenge.

Tropical Cyclone Harold lashes Vanuatu

Vulnerable residents are being taken to Sarakata Adventist Church, which has been established by ADRA as an evacuation centre.

ADRA Samoa responds to deadly measles outbreak

The ADRA team are working tirelessly to provide food at vaccination centres and local hospitals.

World Church leaders get behind education campaign

The "Every child. Everywhere. In school." campaign was officially launched at this week's General Conference Annual Council meetings.

ADRA delivers hundreds of food parcels as Tonga clean-up continues

ADRA has been working with the Tongan Government, church leaders and district pastors to assist extremely vulnerable cyclone victims.

Weet-Bix donation helps cyclone-hit schools in Fiji

ADRA has delivered a two-month supply of Weet-Bix to 14,301 school children from cyclone-hit communities in Ra Province, Fiji.

New leaders named for SPD unions

Pastor Maveni Kaufononga has been named president of the Trans-Pacific Union Mission (TPUM).

ADRA prepares for disaster

ADRA workers rushed to a coastal village south of Auckland in late October to offer aid and assistance in the wake of Category 3 Cyclone Bigwind. But although the preparations were as realistic as possible, the cyclone was completely imaginary.

New ADRA directors for Melanesia

ADRA has seen some significant staff changes in recent months, with new country directors being appointed for Papua New Guinea (PNG), Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
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