Strategy the focus of ADRA leaders’ meetings

ADRA leaders at the South Pacific Division headquarters last week.

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ADRA leaders from across the South Pacific Division and ADRA International met last week to consider strategic priorities and direction.

The discussions, facilitated by ADRA South Pacific, welcomed 30 attendees, including ADRA International president Michael Kruger.

Central to the discussions was a review of the ADRA network strategic framework for the 2023-2028 quinquennium. Developed by ADRA International in consultation with the broader ADRA network, the framework identifies three strategic themes: Collective Impact, Faith and Values, and People and Systems.

“ADRA International is rolling out the strategic framework to all the divisions, facilitating a collaborative process of examination and sharing with ADRA offices in their respective territories,” said ADRA South Pacific director Greg Young.

During the discussions, the attendees turned their attention to the current state of ADRA’s operations within the South Pacific region. 

“We assessed the existing operational landscape, charted our aspirations, identified impediments and evaluated our potential to drive change,” Mr Young said. “The next step for our South Pacific leaders is to contextualise and apply the strategic framework to their specific territories.”

In a significant step towards bolstering operational efficiency, the meetings also featured the presentation of new human resources management software. Purchased by ADRA International, this software is being made available free of charge to ADRA offices. A standout feature of the software is its ability to centralise data files, providing a unified platform for HR functions.

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