My Story: Called to serve

Dorcas Lynia Kateekee.

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I’m thankful to God for calling me to study theology in 2020. Do you believe that God can still speak to you? 

I am currently studying at Fulton Adventist University College to become a minister of the gospel in these last days. My name is Dorcas Lynia Kateekee, a second-year student in theology, and I am from Fiji (hailing from the beautiful island of Rabi-Banabans). 

In 2020, I found God speaking to me in my deepest despair while crying out to Him. I was struggling with my career when the pandemic hit. 

I was a sponsored accounting student at the University of the South Pacific at that time. However, I was constantly occupied with the Adventist Students‘ Association. I saw the need of labourers in the field. I felt no fulfilment and satisfaction in my accounting studies and one day I cried my heart out to the Lord to speak to me. Immediately, I heard a voice that verbally spoke to me saying “GO TO FULTON”. I believe it was God’s voice at that time that spoke to me. It transformed my views on what I wanted to become in my life. 

I was thrilled at that moment because I finally understood why I have always been passionate in ministry.

Doing ministry is now my passion and it gives me a reason to live life according to God’s will. I am passionate about involvement in the church with all the programs it offers. I love to preach and sing as well as doing visitations.

I was involved in hosting Hope Channel Sabbath School discussions for the Kiribati community and visiting houses with the women ministry while responding to the needs of our community. I‘m thankful going to Fulton without financial support like I had with my former scholarship, because it allows me to depend more on God. In my first year, my parents paid half of my fees and then Wahroonga church in Sydney sponsored me for the rest of the year. I just want to take this time to thank my sponsors for being part of this transformation in my life. 

It might not make sense for someone to just leave everything in God’s hands by faith, but I believe this calling is my foundational experience with God that will become a living testimony to others. With the help of the Holy Spirit and all His biblical promises, doing His will is a priority in my life and nothing can change that.

Now, I am confident that this experience will have a great impact in my life that will empower more women to be involved in ministry in the Pacific. Hopefully my testimony will encourage young people in these last days to prioritise the work of God, as we are all commissioned to spread the good news to the end of the world. 

This calling will be a living testimony to other women who have the same passion for ministry. They should not be afraid to take up theological studies if they sense God’s calling in their life.

Dorcas Lynia Kateekee is a theology student at Fulton Adventist University College in Fiji.

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