Tag: Women in Ministry

Called to preach

“If you are a woman experiencing a call to ministry, I hope my story will remind you that ‘nothing is impossible with God’ (Luke 1:37).”

More opportunities for women in ministry

“The AUC wants to show that we value the contribution women make to ministry, it is important to have good representation across our pastoral team, at a union level, conference level and local church level,” Pastor Johnson stated.

And they will prophesy

Reflect for a moment on the great prophets God used to speak to His people. How many of us think of women who prophesied, like Anna, Miriam or Deborah?

Book Review: Called

The stories contained within these pages will draw you in with their hope, joy, resilience and the ever-present call of God as it echoes through each narrative.

SPD responds to compliance action

South Pacific Division Church leaders have reaffirmed their support for women in ministry following the decision to formally warn six union conferences for practices related to ordination.

Why the SPD is committed to support women in ministry

The South Pacific Division’s support of women in ministry is within the General Conference policy and manuals and solidly based on the biblical beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.