Best Sabbath afternoon

Worship service in Honirara.

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I wish you could have rocked back and forth on the steep and rough roads around Honiara (Solomon Islands) with me in the Mission 4WD with a few of the pastoral leaders of the Church on a recent Sabbath afternoon. However, there wouldn’t have been enough room for you. We visited seven of the new churches planted since my last visit in early 2015. Each of these churches has a mother church that supports them with personnel and finances.

At the first place we met a group of new members who were returning from a regional meeting in Maranatha Hall, where I spoke with more than 5000 disciples of Jesus. They had their photo taken in the incomplete wooden church that was being built by the community leader, who is a Catholic. Earlier this year Dr Chester Kuma ran a health evangelistic series—it had such an impact that the Catholics wanted to support the Adventists.

In another church, I met Tiffany who was baptised the previous Sabbath against the wishes of her parents and friends. But she was at the afternoon youth meeting. She had not come to the regional meeting because she had helped in a branch Sabbath School to start a new church that morning. This was Total Member Involvement and mobilising people for multiplying churches.

I visited three of the seven new churches planted by the Lau Valley church—all of them full on Sabbath evening with young people leading out. I was so blessed and I prayed a wishful prayer—that God would allow every church in the South Pacific Division to have a new outreach project like I saw in Honiara!

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