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Students commit their lives to Jesus

Sixty-seven students and one teacher have been baptised at Adventist schools across the Trans Pacific Union Mission recently.

From petrol drinker to church elder

Otto and his friends frequently went out drinking and when there wasn’t any alcohol available, they would strain petrol and drink it.

The mystery angels long to look into

“The Christian Church has mostly reduced Christ’s ministry to one of dying to placate an angry God bent on punishing the sinners. According to this limited view, the death of Christ was payment on behalf of sinners; providing God with the legal right to forgive sins, past, present and future. More seriously, it damages the doctrine of grace.” 

Busy month at Hillview

Celebrations have been held each week, including the presentation of a nativity drama.

Prisoners baptised in Papua New Guinea

A week-long Revelation seminar conducted in a prison camp in East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea, ended with the baptism of eight inmates.