New videos to generate discussion on Book of Acts

Pastor Yong Shin Chee and Nadia Chee are among the presenters. (Photo: Theodora Pau'u)

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The South Pacific Division has created a new series of video clips to provide insights and generate conversations on the Sabbath School (SS) Bible Study Guides.

The 13 videos are each aligned to a weekly topic from next quarter’s (Q3) lessons, which are centred on the Book of Acts. There are two presenters for each video, including South Pacific Division president Glenn Townend and his wife Pam, husband and wife pastors Roy and Jinha Kim (Melbourne City church, Vic), and pastors Leighton Heise and Brock Goodall (Central Coast, NSW).

This is the second video series of its type, with first quarter’s stewardship series receiving plenty of positive feedback.

“Sabbath School teachers wrote to us and said it gave them some fresh concepts to unpack followed by discussions and interactions,” Discipleship Ministries Team (DMT) stewardship leader Christina Hawkins said.

“In many churches the videos were shown and used as an anchor point before Scripture reading and discussion—at times projected for the whole church to see, while other times shown in the classes themselves on laptops or tablets.”

The videos were posted on a number of social media platforms, including the General Conference’s Facebook page, and received thousands of views from around the world. They were also screened on Adventist Review TV.

On the set ready to begin filming, Pastor Glenn Townend, his wife Pam and Adventist Media’s Nick Lindsay. (Photo: Theodora Pau’u)

“The Book of Acts is the most studied book in Sabbath School in the history of having a Sabbath School pamphlet,” SPD president Glenn Townend said. “Why? I don’t really know but I think it is because, as a Church, we desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit like the early church and be the last day disciple-making movement.

“I am very excited that the SPD has put together these short videos to help stimulate discussion on this vital topic that can help fulfil our purpose.”

The videos shed a spotlight on Paul’s journey and the early Christian church, disciple-making and multiplying churches, building relationships and using Jesus’ simple methods to share our faith.

Pastor Yong Shin Chee (Wantirna church, Vic), one of the presenters, reflects, “Even though Paul’s world was very different to ours, there is much we can learn from his missionary journeys and there are certainly many similarities and lessons that we can apply to our approach today.”

Produced by Adventist Media, the videos will be available mid-June at and and can be downloaded from They will be posted on various social media platforms from early July to coincide with the start of the third quarter.

Behind the scenes: the Adventist Media crew in the editing suite. (Photo: Theodora Pau’u)
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