Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Tag: women

Women encouraged to ‘lead like the queen’

The inaugural Conference challenged women to not only identify but claim their roles as leaders in church and in community.

George Barna tells Adventist delegates, ‘We are in a crisis’

Well-known statistician unpacks latest research at Budapest conference.

Senior health: why church is so good

There are a range of health benefits that religious participation can offer older members.

Single-minded for the kingdom

Six simple steps for singles.

The Table: young families the focus of new lifestyle TV series

Get ready to join us at The Table.

Suffering in silence

Brought up never to raise a hand against a woman, what does a man do when his partner turns violent?

Church planting the focus of SPD conference

Being a church member is important but being an ongoing disciple grows out of that.

Question Time

Something very interesting happened during "Question Time" at this month's South Pacific Division year-end meetings.

Misunderstanding Job’s wife

Throughout history Job’s wife has been maligned. But have we got her all wrong, all along?


One small note, passed after the church service, made a huge impact on this church leader and caused him to ask some tough questions.
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