First Spanish women’s retreat in Australia

Attendees at the first retreat for Spanish Adventist women in Australia.

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Seven non-Adventists answered an appeal at the first retreat for Spanish Adventist women in Australia, held from September 22-24 at Merroo Christian Centre (NSW).

The theme of the retreat was “Guided by His Spirit”. Approximately 130 people attended the event and were greatly blessed with the fellowship they found and the messages from international speaker Liz Enid Polanco. The messages encouraged the attendees to allow the Holy Spirit to lead them at each stage of their lives.

On Sabbath morning, South Pacific Division Women’s Ministries director Erna Johnson spoke, exhorting the women there to maintain their personal connection with God each day.

“I personally want to say thank you to God and to all those who helped organise this memorable encounter,” said participant Diana Green.

An appeal was held at the end of the event and seven non-Adventist women came to the front, some asking for Bible studies and some expressing their desire to give their heart to Jesus.

“God has been good in giving me the opportunity to participate in the first meeting of Spanish Adventist ladies from Australia,” said attendee Miriam Flamenco. “The moments of prayer in that place were comforting, it helped us remember how much power there is in prayer. I want to invite all the ladies who were not able to participate in this meeting to attend the next one. You will be greatly blessed!”

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