Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Record Rewind: Newly-discovered diary reveals important role of women in church...

A distinctly feminine look at the Seventh-day Adventist Church's origin story in Australia.

Was Paul a misogynist?

Dr Norman Young unpacks the two words that have influenced our laws, shaped our attitudes, excused terrible abuse on countless wives and condemned the apostle Paul as a woman-hater.

The Ten: Encouraging verses for women

When it comes to beauty, the world and the Word of God have very different views.

My Story: The Ella Boyd sisterhood

When a dormitory of students becomes a sisterhood in Christ.

Women of the Reformation

The role of women in the Protestant Reformation has often been ignored or treated as little more than a footnote in history. Yet many women, emboldened by the concept of a priesthood of all believers, moved beyond the roles assigned by society at large to support the Reformation and did so at great risk to themselves.

First Spanish women’s retreat in Australia

Seven non-Adventists answered an appeal at the first retreat for Spanish Adventist women in Australia.

Review: For Such a Time: Chosen Women of the Bible

"You might think this a book about women, for women. You would be wrong. It’s a book for anyone who has an interest in Bible characters."

Women encouraged to ‘lead like the queen’

The inaugural Conference challenged women to not only identify but claim their roles as leaders in church and in community.

George Barna tells Adventist delegates, ‘We are in a crisis’

Well-known statistician unpacks latest research at Budapest conference.

Senior health: why church is so good

There are a range of health benefits that religious participation can offer older members.
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