Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Adventists ‘equipped for service’ in Vanuatu

Thirteen Adventist lay pastors from across Vanuatu are the first recipients of Fulton College’s new Certificate in Theology.

ADRA Fiji trains community in home gardening

ADRA training is like an "oasis in the desert" for villages preparing for the dry season.

Festival focuses on discipleship

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Trans-Pacific (TPUM) recently held its Festival of Laity, designed to train local church members in the area of discipleship.

Run with endurance

Competing in ironman events requires a mix of training, determination, endurance . . . and a little bit of crazy. Just like Christian faith maybe?

Health matters: John Watson

Training the doctors and nurses of the future.

New partnership results in first baptism

The government of Jiwaka province, in Papua New Guinea’s highlands region, has partnered with the Adventist Church to deliver vocational health training.

Stewardship training in PNG Southern Highlands

A special Stewardship Training week has just concluded in the Western Highlands Mission of the Papua New Guinea Union Mission.

Avondale students trained to be media-ready

A select group of Avondale Seminary students have enjoyed two days of training provided by Australian media personality and news reader, Tracey Spicer.

Living intentionally

Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday... There are times when life feels a little bit meh. But the truth is there isn't a day that does not matter.

CHIP arrives in Dubai, ready to change lives

Dr Paul Rankin, CHIP in Churches Program Coordinator for the South Pacific Division, recently had the unique opportunity to train twenty CHIP facilitators in Dubai.
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