Members trained for discipleship at two-week camp

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More than 375 lay people gathered for a week of training and spiritual revival during an Adventist Emphasis Week program organised by the Central Papua Conference (CPC) at the Bautama Campground in Port Morseby, Papua New Guinea, from October 18 to 31.

Most of the attendees were young men and women who desired to be empowered and support their local churches, and to become workers for CPC.

The theme for the week was “Pillars of Hope”.

Pastors from across CPC presented training workshops for attendees. Pastors Gibson Lohia, Simon Vetali, Wally Kapi and Matthew Walters led classes on the 28 Fundamental Beliefs, evangelism, practical stewardship and prophecy, respectively. Pastor Kapi also presented on leadership, and Max Lassah, CPC CFO, presented sessions about Adventist music and Sabbath school Discovery Bible Reading.

CPC president Pastor Kove Tau also gave a presentation on leadership, and presented certificates to each of the attendees for graduating from the two-week event.

Adventist Record editor Jarrod Stackelroth was the featured speaker for the evening worships during the second week of the event, presenting sermons on the 28 Fundamental Beliefs and how they can be practically implemented in the life of a disciple—including reflections on recent book Living 28—each evening via Zoom.

“Thank God for technology. Previously we could only uplink and watch only the preacher. Today, it’s the preacher and the audience together going up live. It’s amazing!” one attendee said.

Attendees enjoying one of the many workshops.

According to one event organiser, “It was a week of revival, dedication and mission, especially for the laities who were charged for the mission. For some, it was new to them when they saw the 28 Fundamentals presented in such simple and practical ways.”

Event attendees have now gone back to their local churches to provide support and manpower in the areas of discipleship and nurturing.

Two young men, Atai and Patrick, walked into the church during COVID-19 lockdowns. They attended the Adventist Emphasis Week program, completed the training courses and were baptised two weeks after the event.

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