Lay leaders across Vanuatu receive theology training

Pastor Webb (far left) with some of the lay trainees at Aore Adventiist Academy.

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Twenty four lay leaders from all over the islands of Vanuatu recently travelled to Aore Adventist Academy (AAA) to receive some theology training.

The training event, held by the Vanuatu Adventist Institute of Lay Ministries and Leadership, was supposed to be conducted by four pastors over two months—from March 1 to May 2. Given COVID-19 restrictions, the event was only held for the first two weeks under the guidance of Dr Joseph Webb from Caboolture Seventh-day Adventist Church in South Queensland, before being cancelled.

Dr Webb returned to Australia just before flights were cancelled.

During his time at AAA, Dr Webb presented the theology module through lectures, class discussions and small group activities, which covered the definitions and branches of theology, biblical studies, systematic theology (issues of salvation) and applied theology (relational ministry).

“AAA is a beautiful setting for such a training school,” he said. “I suspect the recent cyclone thwarted any attempt to continue at the school, also as people were told to stay in their villages due to COVID-19.”

Although the training event was cut short, responses gathered reveal that the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned lots.

“I learned more about the character of God, what He is really like,” one student said.

“I appreciated the teaching on how to interpret bible verses,” said another.

“I learned about the important bible study rules of investigation, interpretation and application,” said another.

Vanuatu is a sister mission to the South Queensland Conference, where Dr Webb is based.

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