The elder as ‘discipler’ (Part 2)

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9From the time I was a teen, I’ve been blessed to have different people in my life coach, mentor and support me. They believed in me, listened, encouraged, challenged and even allowed me to fail. But their intent was to help me—just like Jesus. Most of these people were elders. I always wanted to be a pastor and elder who supported people like that.

Jesus was the best discipler.

Jesus trusted the disciples with challenging activities. When they came back from their own ministries Jesus provided feedback (Luke 9:10,11, 10:17-23)—encouragement and challenge.

Jesus trusted people despite their weaknesses. He knew James and John had a bad temper (Mark 3:17; Luke 9:52-56). He knew Peter rarely thought before He spoke and was even used by Satan (Mark 8:33; Luke 8:45, 9:33). But Jesus called and trusted all of them with the task of creating the church and sharing the everlasting gospel. Jesus’ call is the same today. He wants every elder to disciple others for His kingdom.

As a division president I disciple younger pastors and local church leaders. I challenge you to do the same. If you are good at running church meetings and setting out agendas and chairing well, take some new disciples of Jesus and show them how you do it. If you are gifted in hospitality, invite others to do it with you and tell them the tips you have learned to make it an effective ministry. Prayer, evangelism, visitation—whatever it is, disciple someone else in the ministry.

As you do, they’ll learn to be a better disciple of Jesus. You’ll also learn. Every elder can be a disciple maker with Jesus.

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