Sunday, October 17, 2021
Tags Kopiu Adventist High School

Tag: Kopiu Adventist High School

Solomons students give their hearts to Jesus

Schools in the Solomon Islands have celebrated the baptisms of 33 students recently.

Students bring joy through outreach

Students from Kopiu Adventist High School (Solomon Islands) visited people in their homes and were involved in a food ministry.

Solomon Islands school introduces dawn prayer program

Kopiu Adventist High School has been starting the day in a powerful way.

School runs evangelistic program at public market

While people sell their produce, they can also listen to the word of God.

Dozens of students commit their lives to Jesus

Five Adventist schools in the Trans Pacific Union Mission are celebrating recent baptisms.

Positive response to teacher training in the Solomons

More than 100 teachers from Seventh-day Adventist Schools in Solomon Islands participated in the training workshop.
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