Dozens of students commit their lives to Jesus

Baptism of students from Betikama Adventist College.

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Dozens of students from Seventh-day Adventist schools in the Trans Pacific Union Mission have been baptised in recent months.

On November 9, 29 students from Betikama Adventist College (Solomon Islands) were baptised, bringing the total to 109 baptisms this year. On the same day, seven students from Tenagona Adventist High School (Solomons) were baptised. There have also been 10 baptisms at Kopiu Adventist High School (Solomons), 11 at Epauto Adventist Senior Secondary School (Vanuatu) and three at Kukudu Adventist College (Solomons).

“We thank the Lord for Adventist education where we witness every year students accepting Jesus as their personal Saviour through the waters of baptism,” TPUM associate education director Mele Vaihola said.

Baptism of Tenagona Adventist High School students.

“We praise God for dedicated and committed chaplains, teachers, staff, parents and all those who are involved in moulding our students’ lives.”

In 2018, 1805 students were baptised—the highest number in five years. This may be exceeded once the final numbers are tallied for 2019.

“We thank the schools for supporting the Trans Pacific July Harvest program,” Ms Vaihola said. “It’s all about total membership involvement.”

Betikama’s baptismal candidates.
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