Positive response to teacher training in the Solomons

Associate education director Mele Vaihola (third from left) during a school visit.

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More than 100 teachers from Seventh-day Adventist Schools in Solomon Islands participated in a training workshop designed to encourage a renewed focus on the ideals for Adventist education and foster an appreciation of God’s calling to teaching.

The workshop included group work presentations, worship activities, an Adventist education forum and visits to schools. Of the 122 primary and secondary school participants, 53 per cent were trained in non-Adventist institutions.

Trans Pacific Union Mission associate education director Mele Vaihola said this was the first time the workshop had been held in the Solomons. It was inspired by similar training held for Tonga Mission teachers at the beginning of the year.

Participants expressed appreciation for the program, saying it would help them back in the classroom.

“Thank you for the worship program. I am blessed as I have been teaching 10 years in public schools, thus this helps me a lot for myself, my class and my kids,” said Samantha Buka from Betikama Adventist College.

“I learned a lot in this workshop and see where I fail to include the biblical learning tools. Therefore, after this I hope I will re-adjust my teaching using this,” said Kerry Thao from Kopiu Adventist High School.

“A very successful workshop. I wish the office responsible shared plans and worked on more workshops like this for teachers in the coming years for all teachers,” said Paul Dioko from Talakali Adventist Primary School.

122 teachers participated in the workshop.

The aims of the workshop were to:

  • Articulate a consistent Christian worldview and philosophy of Adventist education and reasons for existence;
  • Develop teaching and learning best practices that promote and maintain Adventist ethos;
  • Assess Adventist education philosophy in developing and implementing the curriculum of Adventist schools;
  • Demonstrate the ability to think critically through issues in Adventist education and the ability to make effective decisions from a Christian perspective.




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