Solomons students give their hearts to Jesus

Baptismal ceremony for the Kopiu Adventist High students.

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Schools in Solomon Islands have celebrated the baptisms of 33 students recently.

Betikama Adventist College concluded its Week of Spiritual Emphasis with a baptism of 16 young people, bringing the total number of students baptised so far this year to 50. Betikama is anticipating a further two baptismal ceremonies in second semester as more students are currently enrolled in Bible studies.

At Kopiu Adventist High School, 11 students were baptised during the school’s Spiritual Emphasis Week. School chaplain Jason Gulea said there have been a number of spiritual initiatives at the school including dawn prayer, prophecy seminars, student outreach, small groups, Bible study classes, and daily morning and evening worships.

Seven students were baptised at the Viru village camp meeting.

Horohana Adventist Primary School in Guadalcanal, a remote school started in 2003, witnessed six students give their lives to Jesus recently.

In addition to these baptisms, seven students were baptised at a recent camp meeting at Viru village, South New Georgia, Western Solomons. Six of these students are from Viru Community High School, which is owned and operated by the Western Provincial Education Authority. The seventh student attends Goldie College, which is owned and operated by the United Church.

Solomon Islands Mission education director Joseph Pitakia said, “We praise God for the work of Adventist parents and teachers in these non-Adventist high schools.”


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