A Psalm 

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I waited patiently for the LORD;
He turned to me and heard my cry.
When He seemed far from me and all I could do was warm a pew, He still called me His own and mapped out my life’s path. 
Through the cacophony of information, advertising and busyness, He is a walk in the forest, a quiet corner with a book.  
While darkness and doubt stalk my commute, He reminds me of His goodness and faithfulness in the past. 
Through grief and mental health challenges, through trauma and pain; He has kept my family. 
In the depths of the longest night, He promised that the Son would rise. 

Blessed is he who is given children from the Lord; 
Through sleepless nights and sickness, still I can say God is good; because He is the Author of my joy and has written my story on His tablet. 
I will praise God for His faithfulness; never letting me fall. 
He was there in my backsliding; 
He was there when all I could do was sneak out after the sermon, so I didn’t have to talk to anyone. 

He keeps a roof over my head; a kingdom space where He can reign and deliver those who gather to praise His name. 
He keeps petrol in my car and food on our table; Food that is shared over laughter and fellowship. 
He inspires stories of His goodness and editorials of edification. His goodness is shared on words and pages so many may experience the joy of the Lord. 

Blessed is the one
who trusts in the LORD,
who does not chase the influencers or fake news;
those who worship self and possessions
Blessed is the one who spends time with the Lord 
and the wonders of His creation; 
Who reads the world, to see how He speaks and 
saves and bookmarks the messages on their hearts.

None can compare with You;
 pages would be needed to describe all the goodness in my life alone. 
My hope has always been to do Your will, O God.
To find a path that pleases Your heart; 
Yet You are pleased with me before I do a thing; Your joy is complete in Your children. 

Keep those with a critical spirit far from me and protect me from their spite; 
May I turn away from shame and reject pieces of silver; proclaiming You with courage and pride. 
As I cruise this road of life, may it be on roads, You have planned. 
May my engine be filled by oil from Your Spirit; 
May grace run my operating system; and love and compassion for the least of these be the exports of my soul.
You have led me this far Lord, by Your goodness and grace. Keep me, grow me and remind me when I forget, of Your great glory and goodness.

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