Love you, Mumma

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No matter
how things are.
Your mum
will have your back.
Be your cheer squad.
In your corner.

Mum who stayed
up at night
when you were sick.
Rocked you to sleep.
The hours she spent
giving birth to you.

Maybe she chose you.
Couldn’t give
birth to you.
You’re hers.
You’re special.

No matter how
angry we get
with Mum.
How upset.
You’ll miss her
when she’s gone.
You’ll miss this.

Treasure this.
Treasure every waking
moment with your mum.

One day,
all you’ll have are memories.
Listen to the advice.
She’s been around longer.
A different era.

Take lots of photos.
Store up lots of memories.
You’ll need it
for the future.
Treasure it with your kids.
If you have any.
Happy Mother’s Day Mumma.
I love you!

De-anne Tasker writes from Rockhampton in Queensland.

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